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If you think that auto shipping industry is the same as the other postal system, then you are in the wrong base. The auto transport system is very much seasonal. If previously in our postal system the price is greatly determined by the dimension of the package, the destination and how fast you want it to be delivered, then here in auto transport pricing, we have more factors to be added to the calculation. For some people, they just don’t have the luxury to sit back and wait the price to decrease, they just need the shipment to be done as soon as possible thus they have to use the auto transport service no matter what season it is. However, knowing the reason between the difference in price will give you deeper understanding and maintain your calmness when facing the customer supports. You will also know why it takes more time in specific season and why you get a higher price than the others.

It is more expensive to ship your vehicles in summer, moreover on popular routes

The summer is the time when people ship more vehicles much more frequent than any other seasons. This is why summer is also an ecstatic time for auto transport service providers. You will be surprised how limited your choice will be when the time comes, it is true that there are many startup companies these days, but there are also the ones that fold every day. Auto transport services is a very competitive industry and startup companies will find a hard time finding customers in during the summer because their lack of experience. The explosion in the number of customers during the summer leads to a higher price range, because auto transport truck could easily pick out the loads that travels through the popular areas, and they could rise the price as well as the customer want to be picked up more quickly. Big cities such as New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles is the popular destinations for the people, but there are also a lot of people going south during the summer, and metro areas always have more trucks than the rural ones. Everyone is shipping during the summer, and most of them is out of the metropolitan cites, this gives the auto transport company more freedom to choose which route to pick and what kind of vehicle they are transporting. The carriers will use the fund they gathered during summer for the seasons where customers rarely use their services such as winter and fall.

It takes longer to ship vehicles in winter, especially the ones with rural routes.

If summer is the time of people fighting to get a carrier, then winter in the reversal. In winter, there are rarely people who want to ship their vehicle somewhere else, so auto transport companies will fight to get customers. The number of companies will remain relatively static because it is ever harder for startups to survive during this season. The customers have the much freedom to choose what price they want to deal with a carrier and brokerage. Winter shipping is much more harder for the ones going to the northern states, especially because in these region, snow and ice are frequently found on the road. There will be much less carrier willing to go through this route, and there are a lot of routes that are closed or unavailable due to the weather. If you want to have a cheaper rate then wait until winter, but you cannot expect much from the delivery window and the route taken.


Although there are alternatives for those who want a cheaper price for auto transporting, but there will be still risks and drawbacks following the benefits. If you are not limited by deadlines, then sure you can wait for the price to go down during the winter, but remember, there are more risks to consider than just the longer delivery time. Always use the company which already has enough experience to handle the shipment to prevent unwanted accidents and misunderstandings. If anytime in a day you need to know about auto shipment, then you can call us at 201-367-8111 and speak directly to our customer service agent, or you can simply visit our website and fill online form and ask for our auto shipping quotations, we will get back to you as soon as possible.