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Shipping Tariff

Have you ever wondered what factors that make you be quoted certain tariff for your auto transport? Once you get the shipment receipt indeed there will be nominal which is paid or to be paid, but it doesn’t give you any clue how those numbers are compiled. The auto shipment or transports are involving continuous and complex technical and administration throughout the chain. Understanding the factors will give you a better understanding about the auto shipping.

The main factor that determines your auto shipping tariffs is the location where is your shipping from and to and the distance between the two points. The shipping vendors have their price list based on certain areas and distances.

The types and size of your automotive are certainly determining the quotes after the distances. The basic shipment standard is applied in this case, trucks, cargo vans, SUV, and other big automotive will increase the shipment quotes based on their size and weight. Most shipping vendors apply “normal” quote for Automotives up to sedan or MPV size.

The conditions of your automotive are the next factors. When you ship the wrecked or total broken vehicles you’ll get cost higher than a running or new automobiles. The unloading and loading will require special tool and equipment if your vehicle isn’t running and even cost more if they don’t have wheels.

Most of the auto shipping vendors offer various types of the carrier and you can simply choose the standard ones for general shipments. However, the standard services seem cannot be applied for special automotive including super luxurious, antiques, or high-end sports automobiles. Those automotive require specific shipping services that minimize the probable destroying risks. Some vendors usually include the insurance and special packaging for this case, and the price is reasonably increasing.

The standard services offered by the vendors are usually applied for general shipment duration at maximum 10 days. However, you can speed your auto shipping by choosing the expedited services that increase the quotes. Otherwise, you can also order the lower price of services as you’re not in any rush.

Those factors aren’t itemized or detailed in the brochures or receipts, but they’re definitely influencing your shipping costs. The external factors such as fuels price and taxations, which are applied in the route you’re shipping through, can suddenly change the tariffs, even in the middle of shipments. You need to be informed and know about these consequences before you decide to ship your automotives. Don’t hesitate to get a full and clear explanation for any automotive services from shipping vendor.