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What factors are influencing your auto transport quotes?


Have you had a bad experience while handling a shipment? Like shipping cost that went over your budget and causing you to review your plan and do a little change here and there. Well, that’s normal if you don’t know exactly how the quotes from auto transport companies are made. In fact, there are several factors that greatly influence the pricing and these are rarely shared to the customers. As a result, customers’ requests are often cost them more money that it could be, it means that there are several factors that could be suppressed but then ignored. Therefore, here are some factors that are affecting your quotes, by knowing these factors, you will be able to reach full understanding of the pricing system so that you will be able to make a request with reasonable prices.

The Pickup and Dropoff Spot

This is the very baseline of the pricing. Every shipping company will review the distance from where you are transporting from to the destination, then calculate the mileage between. The results will be the base price for your quotation.

The Type of Vehicle You Are Going to Transport

Yes, size does matter. Basically, the larger you vehicle, it will need more space and effort to ship them. Some larger vehicles like pickup trucks, SUV’s, minivans and cargo vans are charged with “oversize/ overweight shipping fees” relative to their dimension and company policy. If you ever wondered about the difference between shipping normal cars and trucks, even using the same distance route, this is the main reason. Cars with the size up to a full-size sedans are not subject to oversize shipping fees.


Condition of Your Vehicle

Are you trying to ship a non-operational vehicles? If yes, then you are probably subject to additional charges up to $150. Yes, this charge is based on your vehicle’s condition if they are still in running or driving condition. This makes a difference because of the way it is mounted on the transport truck. If your vehicle is still operational, the crew will just drive the vehicle on to the transport truck, and it is ready to be shipped. But if the vehicle is not operable, then the crew will need to perform a special way to get it into the truck. Besides the inoperable vehicle, totalled and wrecked vehicles will cost even more, if the condition is even worse and flatbed transport truck is needed to do the job, then it is assured that you will need to spend even more money.

Type of Carrier to Get the Job Done

Usually people don’t put any specific request to get their vehicle shipped so companies will just provide them with the usual rates. But there are some people who need to do the transport with a special preparation. High-end sports cars (Lamborghini), antiques, or high-value luxury vehicles (Maserati, Bentley, etc) will need to use the enclosed transportation services to ensure their high value is well-protected and companies will charge more for this kind of service. Besides the enclosure matter, the company will need more time to look for the specific truck, then additional time will also be added to the pickup window.

How Fast You Need the Vehicle Shipped

Depending on the request, the standard vehicle transporting shipping time given by the company is generally between 1-10 days. But there are times when customers need their goods to be shipped as quickly as possible. This will put them into a more expensive price range, and quicker service. There are also sandby shipping services request, where customers could pay a cheaper price but the shipping will take more time as the consequence.

Above factors are calculated well before giving quotations to the customers, and you should know that there will be no other addition besides the factors mentioned above. The companies providing auto transport are not static, the price given in a quotation may change depending on many external factors, and it should have been mentioned clearly in the quotation. Auto transport services have fluctuating prices depending on the carrier availability, the route taken, and fuel prices which will have drastic impact on the price depending the change. If you have a sudden price change, doesn’t mean that you are being cheated, it could mean that there are sudden change in external factors. If anytime in a day you need to know about auto shipment, then you can call us at 954-600-7008 and speak directly to our customer service agent, or you can simply visit our website and fill online form and ask for our auto shipping quotations, we will get back to you as soon as possible.